noun: engine; plural noun: engines
1. a machine with moving parts that converts power into motion

About The Engine Mom Movement

Engine Mom evolved from my work as a fitness coach. Formerly, I was involved in triathlon and marathon training and I started programming specific workouts to help athletes improve their endurance or their “engine”. The acronym “EMOM” is used frequently in fitness and “Engine Mom” started as a play on words off of my background in fitness. I realized that my passions spanned beyond fitness and spread into many different compartments of life: motherhood, nutrition, wellness, business, and personal development to name a few. I realized that Engine Mom was actually a metaphor for all of these things.

As Moms, we are the driving force of our family; often masters of multi-tasking. We are made up of many moving parts that create momentum in our lives. Ignoring a single moving part can stall progress toward meeting our goals. In order for us to strive to be better than yesterday, it’s vital that we identify what fuels us: our passions and purpose. It’s important that we re-fuel through self-care, exercise, healthy food, goals setting and by surrounding ourselves with women who are equally as driven. I want to inspire women to explore the road less traveled, to create a new perspective on life, while still focusing on what matters most.

The Engine Mom Podcast now on iTunes, Stitcher, & Google Play!

The Engine Mom Podcast is a show designed to build community through story-telling and to inspire other women (especially Moms) to (re)discover their passions, set goals for themselves, and think outside the box when it comes to their lifestyle and work. Many of the ambitious women that you will hear from on this show run their own businesses, are creative professionals or have unique stories to share about pursuing their passions while raising their child or children. These stories give an interesting perspective on life as a Mom and are sure to fuel you with inspiration for making the most of your own life. 

My goal for this show is to support you in three ways:

  • Identifying what fuels your engine (passions / purpose)
  • Focusing on Engine Maintenance (self care / wellness)
  • and Realizing what keeps you driven? (motivation)

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About Maria Alcoke

I’m Maria. I’m a Mama to a kick-ass little girl, Sage. My husband is incredibly passionate and driven and he is my biggest supporter. Our little family (which includes our fur baby, Dunkin) relocated to our origin on the east coast after spending many years in San Diego, CA. I’m a lover of movement, lifting heavy, deep conversation, coffee and vegan food. In addition to hosting The Engine Mom Podcast and building The Engine Mom lifestyle brand, I also own and operate a web & graphic design business, MariaVida Creative and finally, I am a Level 1 certified CrossFit  trainer and a Certified Pre-& Postnatal Coach and I coach at a local gym.

One thing I learned during some major life transitions (moving across the country / starting a family / both my husband and myself starting new businesses) is that community and connection is everything. I felt like I had to start over and build my tribe in a new home. I am a firm believer in “it takes a village” when it comes to raising your family while simultaneously staying true to yourself. I couldn’t do the things I do without the support I’ve found and I feel extremely fortunate. I started Engine Mom because I want to empower Moms from all walks of life to take the wheel and navigate towards their passions and greater purpose.