The Engine Mom Method

Creating new habits isn’t easy.

The Engine Mom Method is a system to help you establish solid routines & habits that will cultivate energy, focus and motivation every day toward achieving your goals.

EMOM_Method pdf 1
EMOM_Method pdf 1

Using The Engine Mom Method

The beauty of The Engine Mom Method is that it is specific to YOU – there is no right or wrong. These habits can be 5 minutes, or 50 minutes – fit them in to where ever you can in your schedule. Experiment to see what works best for you. In addition to the Navigating Habits system, a series of journal prompts and a time-blocking sheet are included in the Method.

Engine Mom Method Inspiration:

A journal, book of choice
A journal, book of choice & time blocking are all part of my morning routine
Easy, Healthy Blender Breakfasts 3 Ways: for a quick, family-friendly meal *click for recipe*

A short guided meditation to cultivate energy

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